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  • Compatibility: Gato Chain is a creative solution that brings programmability to the Beacon chain. The Gato chain allows the Beacon chain to be altered and compatible with other systems.
  • Cashback & Rewards systems: Gato Chain allows users to earn cash back on every blockchain transaction fee. The blockchain has an Infinity referral system that allows users to collect a percentage of cash back from whatever transaction their referral carries out, irrespective of whether it is buying, selling, collecting Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), or swapping assets.
  • Security: It’s appropriately guaranteed when making use of the Gato Chain. The double sign detection and other slashing logic ensure security, stability, and chain finality.
  • Gato Scan: Gato Chain offers a variety of features that enhance the whole process of blockchain in its entirety. For example, the Gato scan allows you to keep up with updates and information about the blockchain, including data, market capitalization, transaction status, addresses, circulating supply, and other information.
  • Gato Staking: This feature allows you to deposit GATO coins and be part of the Gato network by becoming a node validator. Here, you are not required to carry out any activity other than to hold on to your Gato coin, stake them and benefit from the staking rewards. The longer you stake your tokens, the higher your rewards will be.
  • Gato Bridge: The Gato bridge for ETH and BSC is a tool that enables the transmission of tokens and arbitrary data from one chain to another. Although the two chains’ protocols, laws, and governance structures may differ, they can nevertheless securely interact thanks to the bridge. Whenever it’s needed, users can transfer their assets from ETH and BSC to GATO (and vice versa) without worrying about blockchain compatibility.
  • Gato Swap: On top of all this, the Gato chain provides users with its decentralized swap based on an AMM (Automated Market Maker) model. This feature allows users to exchange their assets without relying on a third party since everything is routed directly to their wallets. Furthermore, companies who need to have their swap on their website can use the APIs provided by Gato Chain to create a new one fastly exclusively for their own brand and accept crypto payments. Customers will be able to purchase products in any token desired by the company (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Gato), including the company’s token that, if needed, can be created directly on the Gato Chain. Clients will not have to register on the Gato platform to make payments on the swap of a company, facilitating, in this way, the company’s user experience.



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Thanks to its rewards mechanisms, Gato Chain is the solution for established organizations and individuals who want to make use of blockchain.